Top 10 Most Strangest Buildings In The World

9. The Church of Hallgrimur, Iceland



The hallgrimur church is the tallest and unusual church in Iceland,can located in capital city of Reykjavik. Nordic design was the construction base of this church, most spectacular work of architect Guojon samuelton. It took more than 38 years for the completion of this sacred building, started in 1945.

This church was actually named after famous Icelandic poet Hallgrimur Petursson, who wrote many lutheran prayer songs. The 244 feet high church became the tallest building in Iceland, have stunning concrete exterior.

The 50 foot tall organ inside the church also make interior more attractive. The bell tower of the church gives entire view of the city. There also can see statue of Leif Erikson in front of the church, first European to landed in North America.