Top 10 Most Strangest Buildings In The World

3. Stone House, Portugal



The stone house can located in Fate mountains of Portugal. It was built in 1974 by the inspiration of flintstone cartoon. It was built from two huge rocks, linked by concrete mixture. It makes feeling of prehistoric structure and also becomes one of finest tourist attractions in Portugal.

Casa do Penedo, also known as Stone Castle or a Stone House, is an architectural monument located between Celorico de Basto and Fafe, in northern Portugal. Casa do Penedo is translated in English as House of the Rock. It received its name because it was built from four large boulders that serve as the foundation, walls and ceiling of the house. Its construction began in 1972 and lasted about two years until its completion in 1974.

The engineer who built the Casa do Penedo was from Guimarães. The residence was initially used by the owners as a holiday destination. Today, Casa de Penedo is a small museum of relics and photographs from Penedo’s history.

The building is located near a wind electricity farm, although there is no electricity inside the house itself. Due to its unusual design and integration into the surrounding nature, the building has become a growing tourist attraction.