Top 9 Modern Architectural Wonders

4. Beijing National Stadium, China

Beijing national stadium is one of largest and most impressive steel structures in the world. It is popularly described as ‘bird’s nest stadium’ because of its appearance. This $33 million stadium was built between 2003 and 2008. It was opened on 28th June 2008 as the main stadium of 2008 Beijing Olympics games. It is also the largest steel structure in the world, about 28 km of steel used for construction of this magnificent stadium.


The circular pattern of the stadium was built from the inspiration of China’s crazed style pottery. The circular shape of the Beijing National stadium also represents the heaven. The twisting steel sections are the most impressive attraction of the Beijing National stadium. The nickname ‘Bird nest stadium’ also derived from these structures.

The Beijing National stadium has a total floor area of 254600 square meters and seating capacity of 91000. To control the environmental conditions the stadium also has a movable roof.